State of Tyrol gets insight into traffic processes


Analysis of traffic data for well-founded decisions

In order to gain a sound insight into traffic processes, the state of Tyrol collects traffic data on a nationwide basis. For this purpose, 245 automatic counting stations have been set up on the approx. 2,200 km of state road network. Together with TraffiCon, we help the state of Tyrol to visualise, process and evaluate these traffic data, which are transferred daily to the central traffic database. With the jointly developed tool, the state of Tyrol now gets deep insights into reasons for traffic congestion and disruptions, creates traffic analyses and derive well-founded decisions.

The most important monthly and annual data of the counting points on the state roads are continuously published and updated:

The created software solution impresses with its flexibility, which allows it to be used for traffic data acquisition under a wide variety of conditions.