eCargo Bike Summit Tour

Lastenrad Tour Gruppe 02

Pit stop at PRISMA solutions

PRISMA solutions is committed to the promotion of cycling. This time, however, not with innovative digitisation solutions, but with a snack...

Accompanied by representatives of the BMVIT and AustriaTech, representatives of the projects "Thinkport Vienna", "aspern mobil lab" and "KlimaEntLaster" drove their eCargo bikes from Vienna via the Semmering (984 metres above sea level) to the Austrian Cycling Summit in Graz. With this 240 km long trip, they demonstrated the potential of emission-free means of transport.

They made their first stop in Mödling, where they networked with the city's cargo bike initiative during a snack at PRISMA solutions. The municipality of Mödling, represented by Deputy Mayor Gerhard Wannenmacher, has recently started providing its citizens with a free home delivery service using the cargo bike.

But without innovation from PRISMA it won't work. The five cyclists were also one of the first MobiMeter testers. With the help of a tracking app, MobiMeter analyzes the mobility behavior of people. In the future, this solution will replace costly mobility surveys and provide a reliable basis for decision-making in the areas of infrastructure, transport and mobility planning.

MobiMeter was presented for the first time at the Austrian Cycling Summit in Graz. Here the conference participants could take a look at their own travel behaviour and get to know the advantages of this new product.