B must know what A wants!

Are the proposed ways also in line with the overarching strategies set by responsible public administration bodies? Currently, routing providers work independent from the interests and plans of municipal traffic management, and mostly also independent from one another. The public goals for an optimal traffic management are not pursued. Often, the result is conflicting information.

So what is missing? Collaboration between public traffic management and private navigation and routing providers is needed. PRISMA solutions Germany has taken this challenge in the frame of the “Research Program Urban Traffic”, established the German Federal Highway Research Institute. Together with the city of Stuttgart, TCP International and AlbrechtConsult and supported by well-known partners such as Siemens, PTV, HERE, the MDM Usergroup and OCA.eV, until the end of 2020 we will develop a framework for such a collaboration, envisaging exactly such a tailor-made software solution: the "City2Navigation" service.

Bringing together the municipal traffic management strategies with routing and navigation systems will ensure an optimal utilization of the existing road capacities.