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puzzle ivmgSmart City, Smart Mobility, Smart Logistics, Traffic Management 4.0, Autonomous Driving, eGovernment 2.0 ... all these are often used terms today. We let these often abstract terms become reality. With concrete solutions for concrete areas of application.

Our services and solutions support you in infrastructure management, traffic management and the provision of mobility services. Not only the public administration, but also commercial providers of routing and mobility services, organizers, emergency services or road maintenance companies benefit from our extensive range of services.

Traffic management with PRISMA TRAFF-X solutions

Our solutions give you a complete overview of the traffic situation and the infrastructure. You can define your traffic management strategies in such a way that they arrive directly at the road users via various channels and thus achieve the greatest possible effect.

The innovative core is the StrateGeoBox, the innovative strategy module that masters a multitude of traffic management strategies, which are constantly being expanded and supplemented with new strategies.

This allows you to merge current traffic messages, supplement them and make them accessible to road users.

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This enables you to communicate traffic management strategies internally, between experts, to the operator and to the road users.

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This enables you to carry out strategy management par excellence: from basic research to the administration of a situation library to the planning, recording and implementation of traffic management strategies. 

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This allows you to better coordinate planned events such as construction sites or public events in order to keep traffic impacts as low as possible. An automatic conflict check supports you in this. Scenarios and their traffic effects can also be simulated.

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This provides you with a comprehensive and integrated approval system for the efficient processing, approval and administration of projects in public spaces.

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Road maintenance

With our solutions you have the road infrastructure firmly under control. From as-built documentation to structural and operational road maintenance to calculation support: You are able to manage the road infrastructure with the greatest possible economic care.


This enables you to record and evaluate the current road condition and derive maintenance measures.

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This covers everything you need to know about traffic signs, from mobile data capture to linking to photos and prescription documents.

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In this way, committed citizens help you to maintain the infrastructure by reporting conspicuous features and problems.

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In this way, you assign work orders to the person responsible and retain a complete overview of the conversion status.

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This allows you to plan and document periodic maintenance and inspection work.

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Some of these solutions were developed in cooperation with our business partner

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Multimodal transport networks with PRISMA MODAL-X solutions

Our solutions enable you to digitally manage a transport network consisting of roads, railways and waterways. The institutions responsible for the infrastructure are also responsible for the decentralised management of the digital database. The digital transport network is the basis for routing tasks and also enables the referencing of any events on the basis of kilometre or other reference systems.



This enables you to manage the road network as the basis for modern road maintenance.

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This allows you to manage your own transport network as the basis for modern road maintenance.

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Bicycle traffic with PRISMA BIKE solutions

Our solutions support you in the documentation and maintenance of the cycling infrastructure, the coordination and promotion of cycling as well as its holistic consideration within the framework of sustainable planning.

This is how we optimize the bicycle environment with you

We are now also a member of "Cycle Competence Austria", which aims to improve the bicycle traffic situation with the best possible bicycle traffic solutions.

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This enables you to record and supplement the route network with content relevant to cycling.

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This allows you to document signage, guidance systems and all other elements of road equipment.

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This allows you to check the cycling infrastructure on site during inspection tours.

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This allows you to manage all the important points for cycling, from parking facilities to tourist facilities.

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Dedicated cyclists help you to improve your cycling infrastructure by reporting problems and contributing ideas and suggestions.

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This enables you to collect and create traffic messages relevant to cycling and make them accessible to cyclists.

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This enables you to compare and evaluate different planning scenarios with regard to their effects on mobility behaviour.

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Operational missions and fleet management with PRISMA EMMY solutions

Our solutions combine available road and traffic data with individual supplements. The cross-version data quality is thereby ensured. And all this with clearly manageable effort.

Suitable for blue-light organizations and disaster control as well as for forwarders or parcel service providers, road operators and service and maintenance providers. 

This is how we offer you the basis for optimized routing


This allows you to import an existing road network (OSM, TomTom, here, GIP), which you can add individually (road course, driving and turning permissions, height / width / weight restrictions, etc.). You will constantly receive new road network releases, whereby your individual additions will be considered.

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This allows you to import existing traffic messages (accidents, traffic jams, disruptions, etc.) and you can add your own, individually messages. The editorial processing of traffic messages is also carried out with this product.

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This allows you to import existing Points of Interest (Points of Interest without address, danger points, rescue points, hydrants, etc.) and you can add your own Points of Interest. Points of Interest can also be exchanged with third parties using this product.

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This allows you to import existing georeferenced addresses, which you can add and maintain individually (e.g. further addresses, accesses etc.). The addresses are referenced to the road network.

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Autonomous driving with PRISMA T-LOGIX solutions

Automated driving is one of our great prospects for the future and is the subject of extensive R&D activities. This is where highly innovative solutions are created, for which we combine the know-how and experience from our other areas of competence and further develop them in a targeted manner.
At the heart of these developments is T-LOGIX, the traffic logic module from PRISMA solutions, which maps the legal framework for road traffic.



This means that automated vehicles know at all times during the journey what room for manoeuvre they have under road traffic regulations.

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This enables intelligent maps for automated vehicles to be generated from traffic sign data.

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This is used to check the signs according to the road traffic regulation.

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