Success story MADISMA accomplished

An innovation leap for risk management

„MADISMA - Mastering local natural disasters with smart governance“, a project co-financed by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency, has recently been finalized.

Our company acted as leader of cooperation in 2018 and 2019 together with six further partners representing the fields of meteorology, knowledge management and geo-information. This project, referring to scientific handling of natural risk management, proves our competences and products not only in the field of traffic management, but their applicability in other areas of interest. Authorities, hazard experts and operational forces can use the system resulting from MADISMA efforts in order to better understand natural hazard processes and thus optimize preparation of contingency actions in case of emergency.

In MADISMA, once again our team was able to demonstrate their GIS-related competence as well as experience in managing co-financed cooperation projects. This will certainly not have been the last trip into a different thematic world – stay tuned!

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MADISMA offers decision support in all phases of the risk management cycle, providing benefits for various users, tasks and responsibilities.